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Who we are

Janifab is a cleaning service whose name describes from the words Janitorial Fabulous, that describes how our workers do their jobs. We began as a family business but throughout the years we started to have more new customers and then we decided to hire and train our own employees as we were doing the cleaning. Our businness  grew in the past few years because we are very loyal and trustworthy with our customers, two very important factors that allowed us to have a good reputation and long relationships with them. Most of our new customers had cleaning services before and we hear from them that after a while their services are not going through the same as the beginning for several different reasons, the main reason is other cleaning companies send out different teams to the houses where they don't regularly clean, and that can affect the service in many ways and the house won't look the same every time. We design a new system to control this issue as you see when you hire us.

We carefully screen all our employees through background checks and references. All of our uniformed workers are insured and bonded, therefore, we will ensure that the safety and security of your home is our top priority . Our customer service staff is always attentive to all of our clients needs and requests.


JaniFab Cleaning Service offer services for every budget, schedule and home size. Whatever your schedule and life style may be – from home with pets to home offices, from weekend services to party clean-ups, we will service and match the right employees to your special needs. Our clients find everything they need in our Housekeeping plans. While some individuals only need seasonal or one-time thorough cleaning, others need routine visits to keep their residences fresh and sparkling all the time. Select from one-time cleaning (before or after holidays, special entertaining, parties or gatherings), weekly, bi-monthly and monthly service plans. Discover the benefit of flexible scheduling and choose from morning, afternoon, evening or weekend hours. You will be surprised to find out how inexpensive regular cleaning can be.


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